The Schubert Family

The Schubert Family
Ed and Valerie Schubert with sons Wes and AJ, and daughter Cheynece

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ministry among the Honduran Military

In the Fall of 2010, Valerie was invited to create and teach an ESL class for a group of 34 Honduran military officers. Through the class, contacts were created and doors were opened for sharing of the Gospel and ministry to these men who are in training for leadership roles within their nation. Of the 34 officers who participated in the 8 week intensive language class, 18 of the officers earned their diplomas.

Two Boys in our Foundation Casa de Luz children's ministry program

Valerie assisting two of our young boys who participate in our children's ministry program through Foundation Casa de Luz. Ed and Valerie are board members for, and missionaries serving with, Foundation Casa de Luz, a foundation dedicated to helping families and communities be stronger, healthier, and Christ-centered.

Last year, with the help of friends in several states in the U.S., we were able to assist a baby girl named Jenesis Valeria to receive much needed medical care. Jenesis was diagnosed with Spina Bifida and was in need of several exams and assistance from a pediatric neurosurgeon. Thanks to several families who gave genersously, Jenesis received the care she needed and continues to grow and has begun to explore her environment by crawling. We are still praying she will be able to walk before her second birthday. Thank you to those of you who made a real difference in the life of a real little girl with very real medical needs.

The Family Christmas 2010

We are blessed to have two biological sons, one adorable adopted daughter, 4 daughters of our heart.

Christmas 2010

Local Wildlife

Ed is pictured here with a snake, measuring over seven feet long, which he killed right outside of our back door. We like nature, but this is ridiculous! No thanks, this clash with local wildlife left us a bit "rattled".

Building for Eternity: Ed works with Volunteers from the U.S.

Each year, Ed works alongside volunteers who come from the U.S. to assist us in our mission work in the country of Honduras. Ed plans the construction projects, purchases materials for those projects, and then leads these volunteers in executing a variety of projects from repairs on child care facilites, to pouring cement floors for families living in poverty, to constructing wooden shelving for use in ESL classrooms. Volunteers do not need special construction giftings because Ed is able to guide, lead, and direct the groups of volunteers. To find our how to donate a week of your life to something of eternal significance, just contact Ed at this email address: